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3 Reasons To Use A Family Lawyer For Adoption Proceedings

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The definition of ‘family’ is, at best, subjective. Some agree that family is dependent on flesh and blood, while others feel that it goes beyond progeny. Biology and genetics indeed have a say on this topic, but as the famous proverb say, the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. This kind of familial mindset is the reason why adoption is widely acknowledged across the globe.

Historically speaking, the original reason for adoption has long been antiquated. The goal of preserving patrilineality and reinforcing economic and social ties shifted to prioritizing child welfare, since the youth is fundamental to nation building. Laws around adoption have been constantly reformed, primarily focusing on the child’s well-being and the capacity of the adoptive parents to raise them as an asset to the society.

Suffice it to say that adoption is a massive undertaking for the adoptive parents and the child alike. If you’re thinking of becoming an adoptive parent, financial, emotional, and most importantly, legal considerations must be done. To help you out, here are three reasons to use a family lawyer for adoption proceedings.

1. Alabama Is Not The Same As Avonlea

If you’ve read Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, you’ll be surprised that if the Cuthberts live in Alabama, they won’t be able to adopt Anne, let alone, adopt anyone. This is due to the fact that adoption laws vary from states to statesand even countries. And since adoption proceedings require a solid knowledge about its legalities, your best option is to hire a family lawyer at the onset of wanting to adopt a child. Hiring a lawyer mid-adoption may force you to make a do-over, which may just prolong the process.

Despite the seemingly daunting and overly tedious process, hiring a family lawyer is relatively easy. The only requirement that you must think of is the state and that’s about it. If you live, say, in Maryland or Washington, D.C. in the US, then it’s apt to find someone who practices law in those areas. Going for trusted and well-established law agencies is another absolute must. Visit to know more.

2. Representation Is Everything

At this point, you might be tempted to browse the internet to answer more of your questions. Or perhaps ask Aunt Gertrude for their opinions. While you can’t completely discard their input, neither the search engines nor Aunt Gertrude can represent you in court hearings unlike lawyers.

Fret not, most adoption cases don’t even need hearings to be completed. The need only arises when complications occur, such as a problem with the birth parent, with the hospital, or even with the foster care facility where the adoption had happened, among many others.

Irrespective of the reason, the last thing you’d want with the adoption process are red tapes and other unprecedented situations that could have been avoided and mitigated with proper legal guidance. Besides, family lawyers are not only adoption proceedings experts, but are also adept in handling other family-related legal matters. This means that getting a family lawyer is an investment that’s worth every penny.

3. A Room To Breathe

The prospect of family building and raising a child makes adoption process exciting and worthwhile. Be that as it may, the process is exhausting given all the things needed to be done. Fortunately, family lawyers can relieve some of the stress, most especially because a huge chunk of the process involves legalities.

Here’s some of the things your lawyers can do for you:

  • Mediate between the adoption facility and the adoptive parents
  • Draft consent from the child, the biological parents, and from the hospital or the adoption facility, as well as curate its terms and conditions
  • Protect both yours and the child’s rights mid- and post-adoption
  • Provide other adoption services through their network such as referrals, and bypassing wait times
  • Give proper legal guidance to ensure a smoother and more tailored adoption for you

The abovementioned tasks can’t hold a candle to all the things family lawyers are actually capable of doing. It’s of vital importance that you breathe amid all the grueling process of adoption. However, that’s only possible through the guidance of family lawyers.


The most important takeaway from adoption is being able to provide a better future for children. Your responsibility as an adoptive parent begins when you chose to adopt and not when the adoption has been completed. Getting the right help is the first step that all prospective adoptive parents must take.

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