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5 Reasons to Hire a Mortgage Fraud Attorney

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If you’re being investigated by the government or you’ve been convicted because of suspected fraud related to a property purchase, you should contact a mortgage fraud attorney. Your lawyer can help you understand the local and federal laws, work with you to build up a convincing case, and they may be able to keep you out of prison. Today, we’ll have a closer look at why you should always work with an experienced white-collar crime attorney.

5 Reasons to Hire a Mortgage Fraud Attorney

1. Your Lawyer May Be Able to Keep You Out of Jail

There are various types of mortgage fraud, and they come with different penalties. If you simply misstated your marital status, your punishment is going to be much less severe than if you worked together with several other professionals to commit fraud for profit. Cases that involve large sums of money can result in harsh penalties such as 10 years in jail.

It goes without saying that you should do everything you can to avoid a prison sentence, which could ruin your personal and professional life. A highly qualified mortgage fraud lawyer can analyze your situation and find a way to fight for your rights. Depending on the amount and quality of evidence available, they can attempt to either significantly reduce your penalty or prove your innocence and therefore keep you out of jail.

2. They Can Help You Sort Through a Complex Situation

The Texas laws surrounding mortgage fraud are very complex, which is why you need an attorney to fight for your rights. If you attempt to defend yourself without help, it’s unlikely that you will obtain a good result. Your lawyer knows the rules and regulations related to white-collar crime and can therefore come up with the best defense possible. For example, they could argue that you made an honest mistake and weren’t aware that you were committing fraud.

If other people were involved, you could state that you were an unknowing participant or that you were falsely accused of fraud. Similarly, you might be able to argue that the information you provided on your mortgage application form was true at the time. When you first get in touch, your lawyer will go through your case with you and decide on the best strategy.

3. They Have the Unique Knowledge You Need

Mortgage fraud isn’t that common, and the number of cases has decreased significantly in recent years. In 2020, only 47 offenders were sentenced in the federal system due to mortgage fraud. Because this branch of the law is so complex and rarely used, not every lawyer will have the skills to help you win your case. To have the best chance of success, you will need to hire someone who has worked on similar fraud cases before.

Every situation is different, and a highly-skilled lawyer will take a unique approach. Even if you are guilty, they might ask you to plead not guilty at your arraignment, so you can keep your options open and come up with a strong defense. In the subsequent weeks or months, you and your lawyer can find evidence that you didn’t commit fraud, didn’t have criminal intent, or that the government obtained their evidence illegally.

4. They Know the Local System and Can Prepare You Optimally

In addition to knowing the federal rules related to mortgage fraud, a highly experienced lawyer who has been operating in the local area for many years will also be aware of the local laws in Texas. Due to their expertise, they can quickly and efficiently analyze your case and then let you know what the likely outcome is.

A court case usually takes many months and involves attending a number of meetings with the judge. Most people who are convicted of a white-collar crime don’t have any experience dealing with these situations, so they require the help of a seasoned professional. Your attorney will tell you what you should say and how you should act, which maximizes your chances of making a good impression.

5. They Can Help You Prevent Future Issues

Once you’ve successfully fought the charges brought against you, you’ll want to make sure you don’t encounter further issues. Your mortgage fraud attorneys in Houston can answer all your questions about fraud and help you set up a system that keeps you from committing a crime in the future. If you own and operate a large business, they can make suggestions about how to implement internal controls and which experts to hire.

In Texas, mortgage fraud is considered a serious offense, especially if there is a large amount of money involved. But just because you’re being investigated or you’ve been convicted doesn’t mean that you will spend several years in jail. By working with a skilled mortgage fraud lawyer, you can defend your rights and minimize your sentence or even get your case dismissed.

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