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8 Ways to Save On Legal Fees

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Lawyers are professionals who help people with legal cases. They’re willing to represent, litigate, and settle claims and lawsuits for you. A person may need legal help at least once in his life. It may be for a simple case or something serious and unexpected.  

The problem is that professional fees can sometimes be really expensive. That’s why it’s not wrong to save on them as needed. The good news is that there are many ways to save on legal costs without compromising the quality of the legal work you’re getting. Read on to learn about them.

1. Choose The Right Lawyer

Lawyers have different expertise. Choose a lawyer who specializes in your case. For example, you should choose a family lawyer to handle divorce and child custody cases. However, if you want someone to take care of your taxes or corporate matters, choose a corporate finance lawyer instead. The last thing you want is to change your lawyer midway or end up lawyer hopping because you didn’t choose a lawyer who is an expert on your case in the first place.  

Another consideration when hiring a lawyer is the scale of your case. It’s best to opt for a lawyer from a small law firm for minor legal problems. Lawyers from small firms usually charge more affordable fees compared to those from more prominent firms. But it doesn’t mean that they are less competent than the other.

2. Find Free Legal Help Or Representation

It’s also essential to note that some organizations are advocating legal and civil rights for minority groups in many countries, including the US. They serve as a Latino or Asian American legal center, providing legal services for free. These institutions are also worth checking out, especially for those looking to save on legal fees.

3. Allocate Your Time Wisely

Often, lawyers charge professional fees based on their given hourly rate. That’s why if you want to save on legal costs, ensure that you allocate your time wisely depending on your goals. It means always being clear about what you wish to consult on and making sure to stick to a specific schedule. Yes, avoid consulting your lawyer past business hours. Also, maximize your time while in consultation to settle your case in fewer meetings.

4. Ask Questions Relating To Your Case Only

Aside from allocating your time wisely, it also helps to limit your queries to your lawyer’s expertise as much as possible. For example, avoid asking a personal injury attorney for family or marriage legal advice. It will help you avoid getting charged for more hours than necessary by your lawyer.

5. Keep Track Of Your Transactions

Record your transactions as needed. It’s also advisable to ask for receipts and invoices to keep track of your bills. Doing so allows you to monitor your transactions and see how much you have already spent. Aside from helping you manage your budget and avoid going over it, keeping track of everything also allows you to ask for an explanation from your lawyer if something seems unclear or incorrect.

6. Learn To Negotiate

Lawyers are always open for negotiation. Talk to your lawyer about the payment arrangement you want. Do you prefer fixed retainer or time-based charging? It helps to be transparent and honest so you and your lawyer can quickly agree on fees. Of course, choose a way of calculating costs that’ll save you the most cash. If you like to be charged by the hour more, let your chosen lawyer know about your availability for consultation.

Negotiation and proper coordination are always crucial in every transaction you make with your lawyer.

7. Be Willing To Do Your Own Work

Another way to save on legal fees is doing some of the work yourself. Ask your lawyer how you can be of help. For example, you can organize your papers or files or pick up documents yourself instead of letting the lawyer’s assistant do it for you. Also, be willing to be the point person for your own case. It will not only free your lawyer or his staff some time but also avoid unexpected charges from your lawyer when they negotiate in your place. Keeping abreast of legal developments that may affect your case can also help reduce time spent on legal research.

Lawyers will charge you for every time spent on every transaction, whether big or small. Although they don’t perform some of the tasks themselves, they’ll ask you to pay for their staff’s work. So, try to accomplish anything you can do on your own. Of course, inform your lawyer of everything that you plan to do yourself.

8. Open Yourself To A Settlement In Cases

Cases don’t have to be all or nothing. In fact, it’s advised that you should be open to a settlement rather than going to court if you want to save on legal fees. That’s because litigations are expensive and draining on your part. Be willing to accept settlements from another party instead. Just make sure that the negotiation will be in your favor.

Also, being open to settlements can sometimes mean that you can settle matters, at least the minor ones, without the lawyer’s help.


Seeking a lawyer’s help may be costly. But it doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to ask for legal advice or help with your case. The ways listed and discussed above can help you save on legal fees if you’re concerned about your budget.

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