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Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

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With Touch Australia, it destroys germs with a manual or automatic sanitiser dispenser. Today, when we constantly need hand cleaning, I meet the disinfectant selection, which is one of the most practical and definitive solutions, with the Touch Australia brand.

For our loved ones, our children, our closest relatives, and ourselves, we need to pay attention to hand hygiene at every moment of the day. To prevent possible bad situations, we can create a continuous protection shield without touching anywhere with the Touch Australia non-contact automatic sanitiser dispenser.

This technology is preferred especially in all social areas such as offices, airports, hospitals, all health institutions, restaurants-cafes, sports halls, all common toilets, shopping malls. It has an infrastructure with automatic disinfectant dispenser sensor. It eliminates contact with hands. Even when using disinfectants in common areas, we can spread germs at the contact points. In this way, these problems are eliminated. It has the desired dosage spraying feature.

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Although it is especially preferred in areas such as institutions, common areas, social areas, it is also suitable for personal use at apartment entrances and building entrances. It is very easy to use and practical. It has a portable structure. It takes up little space. It can be mounted in small spaces. Apparatus can be removed. It is machine washable. Suitable for many years of use.Keyed systems are available in case of possible theft.

You can easily benefit from all its products, including the Touch Australia automatic sanitiser dispenser, which has proven its leadership in the world for many years with its disinfectant options, disinfectant usage apparatus. You can order in the quantity you want, regardless of the product details and content.

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