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CBD Oil for Wrinkles: Does It Actually Work?

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You can’t get past ageing or wrinkling as you grow old; it’s a part of life. But also, people want to maintain healthy skin and try to hold on to their youth which is great. And for this reason, there are innumerable cosmetics in the market, all promising youthfulness in some day’s time.

With all this, the popularity of CBD oil or Cannabidiol is also rising, and people have seen its effectiveness as a pain reliever, stress buster, and so much more. Cream companies are adding CBDs for giving you a wrinkle-free face, but does that work?

Why Does Your Skin Wrinkle?

Mainly skin wrinkles are caused because of UV rays and sunlight in assistance with dust, pollution, stress & even an unhealthy diet. For some people, some habits, lifestyles or diseases can also cause wrinkles. Rather the body has a very small part to play in the cause of ageing or wrinkling. People start ageing after 20 as the body reduces collagen production every year by 1%, along with elastin production.

The skin starts losing elasticity and becomes thinner and sensitive, resulting in large pores, wrinkles, etc. As the skin slowly loses its natural capacity to heal, you need to be more careful and attentive towards it.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is one of the main ingredients of the Cannabis sativa plant and is also non-intoxicating. Manufacturers can extract this from both hemp and marijuana plants, but they prefer hemp. Generally, they extract it in powder form and sling it in coconut or hemp or olive oil. Each oil provides different effects and benefits as CBD is soluble in fat.


Only CBD, unlike THC, won’t intoxicate you, no matter how much you consume. Using CBD oil sleep tincture for anxiety is the most common usage. Moreover, you might not know that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are different as shops sell it saying the same.

CBD in Your Skincare Routine

We are still learning what CBD can do in our skincare, and we are sure there is a lot to unveil still. There are more than 100 phytocannabinoids in existence, and CBD is just one of them. Our body also produces cannabinoids naturally through ECS or endocannabinoid system, and those cannabinoids are endocannabinoids.

These endocannabinoids get together with CB1 and CB2 and balance and regulate several internal functions of the body. They have a direct relation with hormones, appetite, immune system, sleep, mood, etc. CBD enhances the work of ECS and balances the body with relaxation, pain-relieving sensations, etc.

How Does CBD Work for Your Wrinkles?

Aging can happen to a person for many reasons, including UV rays, sunlight exposure, genetics, smoking, and diet. Deficiency of nutrients and excessive stress can also contribute to your wrinkles. Also, with so many cosmetics advertisements, you must know that antioxidants are hugely beneficial for aging skin. So, CBD is highly antioxidant and thus can fight wrinkles, dullness, and even uneven skin tone.


Hemp oil application will give better results than consuming Vitamin C & E and will eradicate your body toxins & free radicals. Also, if you are suffering from inflammation or redness, CBD can treat that and visibly lessen your wrinkle.

Oils or Topicals for Wrinkles

Take CBD in any form of your preference except smoking it in. Smoking in no way can help you get rid of wrinkles, be it regular cigarettes, cannabis, or CBD flower. This is because smoking cannabis generates free radicals and other organic substances in your body that are harmful to both your skin and lungs.

So for the topical application, you have CBD oils, creams, and balms. You can also consume CBD oil orally or sublingually that is below the tongue for better and effective results. Use a high-quality and strong CBD for good results, but try with a small dosage first if you are new.


CBD Skin Care Products

CBD products are growing every day as the market continues to flourish with rising demand. You can get it in readymade form for topical applications in these forms.

  • Facial oil- Apply it to the face and neck to fight or keep wrinkles at bay.
  • Body butter- If you have dry skin or in winters, apply this for a hydrating experience.
  • Face Moisturizer- Apply this for a smooth, soft, wrinkle-free face.
  • Bath bombs- Get off a stressful day with a relaxing hot bath with a bath bomb.

Wrinkling or aging is not a health hazard; it’s just a part of living. Reduce stress, treat your skin better along with CBD application for a youthful look.

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