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Charged With Assault?—Hire a Credible Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa

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You have been charged with an assault charge, right? You probably have a lot of questions going through your mind. Having Tampa’s criminal defense attorneys can prove to be a game-changer.

Besides proving your innocence, they can reduce your sentence severity.  Something that could take off the pressure from your shoulders.

Still not convinced? Today, we list strong reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney to fight your assault case in court.

Prompt Action May Lead to Mitigation


The earlier you act to defend yourself against the charges, the higher the odds of a favorable outcome. Often in most criminal defense systems, the omission is taken as an admission. The longer you wait to have legal representation, the more time your prosecutor will have to press the assault charges against you.

Get legal help without any delay.

Long-Term Financial Benefits

Contrary to what the popular belief is, an experienced attorney can lower the costs linked with assault charges in the long run. Not only, with an assault charge, you are subjected to harsh fines, court costs, and miscellaneous fees, but also time away from work.

Further, if you don’t have a dependable legal representative, you may not be able to prove your innocence. And, what’s worse, you may be put behind bars. Thus, meaning loss of wage for a long period.

Hiring a defense lawyer would cost you a good amount of money per hearing. But in the long run, save money by defending you against the assault charges immediately.

They Possess Vast Knowledge of the Current Laws

When you want to play a cricket match, you take cricketers to the field, and not footballers. Why? Simply, because they have known the ins and outs of a game of cricket.

Criminal defense attorneys know the ins & outs of the legal system, thus a better chance of defending yourself in court.

They will examine the facts and evidence of the case and prepare a strong defense strategy to win the case in the court.

They Have the Right Resources

Trusted criminal defense lawyers have all the resources to handle an assault case efficiently. Legal representation isn’t just about the appearance in the court to argue your points. It’s also about cross-verifying the evidence, gathering evidence, and planning a winning strategy. Also, they work on a backup plan, in case things don’t happen the way they expected.

Experienced criminal attorneys know how to obtain court resources with the aim of helping their clients. For instance, even when you have a defense lawyer, you can get a court-appointed private detective. The court can also allocate you funds for expert evidence such as forensic scientists or toxicologists.

If you decide to do things all by yourself, it would be challenging to get all the required resources from the court. All this otherwise is expensive & time-consuming. Your criminal lawyer will delegate the individual activity to different members of their staff. They will take care of your case, while you run your daily errands as usual.

They Protect You From Hefty Penalties

In a court battle, the opposite party will come hard at you so that you lose your mind and surrender. In an assault crime, the prosecutor is the biggest enemy. They will try every tactic with vast experience to crush you and add your case to their ‘triumph list.’ What’s more, it is distressing to be sentenced for a crime you haven’t committed per se.

Now, your defense attorney will act as a shield against the tough prosecutors. They will leave no stone unturned to avoid severe penalties.  Even if you are found guilty of the crime, they will reduce your fine or sentence.

They Can Advise You on the Possible Outcomes


An experienced criminal defense lawyer will make you aware of the penalties you probably face. They will advise you on what will happen if you are convicted, and what is their backup plan in this scenario.

Your defense attorney will advise you whether you should battle the criminal charges in the court or take a plea deal from prosecutors.

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