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Choose from four different colors and be a part of the Sogade Family.

We created Sogade in order to supply the world with the newest technology of earbuds. These well-designed wireless products use the absolute newest internal structure, which results in unbelievable sound quality within a small body.

Internal structure: All earbuds on the site use 5.0 Core Audio Chip. Because of this, they have no delay in sound wave transport and they can easily handle multiple sources of information at the same time. Easy to switch between gaming, music, Podcats, and many more. It has ACC high-quality decoding. This means that you can hear the sounds like how they were really intended to be heard. No interference of audio quality loss.

External structure: We prioritized having a small body so that carrying it is easy. Its weight is minimalized due to the finest quality material used. We used aluminum, refind plastic, and other light metals. With this, the product has a smooth nice feel to it when held in hand. Also, it is durable, even if it’s dropped on the ground. It has a 10mm polymer corrugated diaphragm audio unit. This ensures the nice and steady, controllable flow of sound to your ear.

Sogade Earbuds are made to be perfect –

We give a color matching case to the earbuds, which charges it up with great efficiency within no time. The case is made from light & durable metal/plastic. It can withstand a high amount of force. Equipped with fast charging technology it can make life faster and easier. No more waiting for battery charging. Combine that with the Earbud’s first-class, long-lasting battery and you get a product that is always ready for use. The case can be charged wirelessly as well, making you have a more fluid user experience.

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