Fleece fabrics, which are among Tepastex products, are among the fabrics preferred by many consumer companies. These fabrics, which are made of polyester product and have a soft structure, have the feature of repelling water when in contact with water. Since it is not absorbent, it provides easy drying. Because of all this, it is resistant to wrinkles.

Thanks to their warm structure, it is the crown of the clothes used in winter. Products produced with Tepastex polar fabrics do not require ironing. Thanks to its breathing properties, it keeps body temperature in balance and prevents sweating. It does not create bad odor even in long-term use.

Suitable for washing machine or hand wash. You can install it in the dryer if you wish. Due to its water-repellent feature, it dries in a short time in the open air. Products with fleece fabrics are long-lasting due to their fabric structure. No pilling or cottonness occurs depending on the washing and usage conditions. One of the product features of fleece polar fabrics is that they do not hold stains and dirt and are easy to clean.

It is possible to buy fleece polar fabrics with many color and pattern options at an affordable price with Tepastex assurance. This type of fabric, which has a heat-resistant structure, can be dyed, so it is possible to apply in any color. There is no color fading or dyeing in the fabrics after use, in cases such as washing or exposure to the sun. You can view Tepastex fabrics on the website and request color and fabric charts from customer service.

Tepastex fleece fabrics are useful and recommended due to the high quality of the products, reliable brand, and affordable price.