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I Became a Victim of a Damaged Product – Can I Sue The Company?

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Although a product manufacturing company ensures that its product is meeting the expectations of a potential consumer, it can get defective or damaged during trade or transportation. 

If a consumer accidentally receives a defective product, he has the right to report it by law since a consumer is paying the monetary value for the specific product. Additionally, it is said that the entire chain of sellers gets affected if a consumer reports a product for manufacturing defects. 

The damage that these products cause to your health can be moderate to severe. Therefore, if you have become a victim to a product with defects, getting in touch with the attorneys at Johnston Law Firm is recommended since an attorney’s help is crucial in seeking claims legally.

Who is held accountable in a product liability case?

Since product distribution does not directly reach a consumer’s doorstep, several mediators and merchants receive a fixed commission as distribution charges for the specific product. Hence, there are multiple heads involved in product distribution. Hence, all the people who were involved in sending the product to the potential consumer who got exploited with the specific product are responsible and can be held accountable for the claim.

The chain of distribution involves the following:

  1. Retailer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Partial manufacturer (e.g. a part of the product)
  4. Full manufacturer of the product 

Although there could be multiple parties involved in the product distribution for a consumer, the lawsuit can be filed on a specific party depending on the occurrence of the defect to the product. 메이저놀이터 

Suing a company for a defensive product:

Being a buyer, you might not know your potential rights as a consumer of a product. Every consumer has the power of filing a lawsuit against a brand, a store, or even a manufacturer if they receive a product of poor quality or a damaged product. You can also sue a company even if you did not necessarily use the specific product. For example, if a drone due to a manufacturing defect accidentally falls on your head, the drone’s company can be sued.

Therefore, if a product’s flaw injures you, you have the right to sue its company. Although the procedure in suing a company can be complicated, you can hire an experienced attorney who will be of great help because he would also fight for the losses incurred

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