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Semi Truck Crashes: 5 Things To Do When Involved In One

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Semi-truck crashes can be life-threatening because of the vehicles’ size and weight. Regardless of the impact, it may cause serious injuries, leaving the parties involved with emotional, financial, and physical turmoil. Although not all people may experience semi-truck collisions, it’s still essential to be ready for these unfortunate incidents. Being prepared can make a huge difference in getting the compensation you deserve.

So, if you’ve been involved in a semi-truck crash, below are the five things you should do from the get-go:

1. Ask For Medical Treatment  

Whether you’re seriously injured or not in a truck accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Sometimes, the symptoms of your injuries might not become apparent following the accident. The adrenaline might also keep you from feeling the pain associated with an injury.  

With that in mind, you should let a doctor examine you and determine if you’re injured. In doing so, you can receive proper treatment for your injury necessary for your fast recovery. Also, getting yourself checked by a medical professional prevents anything interfering with your ability to recover the compensation you deserve.

2. Exchange Information With The Other Parties

If you want to seek compensation, you need to exchange information with the other parties at the accident scene. That’s because these pieces of information play an essential role in your personal injury claim.

Hence, to improve your chances of receiving compensation, make sure to obtain the following from the other parties:

Drivers’ names, addresses, and contact numbers;
Insurance company and policy information of the drivers involved;
Driver’s license number of the drivers involved;
Employer’s name of the truck driver.  

3. Call The Police  

Another thing you should do when involved in a semi-truck accident is to call the police authorities. They can help investigate what happened to determine who was at fault for the accident. When you or someone else was injured in a collision, make sure the police officer properly documents everything for insurance and lawsuit purposes.  

Remember, you can use the official police report as proof if you decide to file an injury claim to seek compensation.

4. Gather Evidence  

You also need to collect some pieces of evidence to substantiate your personal injury claim. Anything you obtain can be used as evidence to prove that the semi-truck driver’s negligence caused the accident and your injuries. As such, it’s essential to be as extensive in your collection as you can to the point where you can say, look what I found. Before you say that statement to your loved ones or lawyer, make sure the evidence you get is valuable to your truck accident case.

Some common pieces of evidence you can use when filing an injury case can include:

Photos of the vehicle damage and injuries;
Statements of the witnesses;
Driving logs;  
Recent equipment inspections;
Medical records and many more.  

5. Consult An Attorney  

Being injured in a semi-truck crash can be devastating. In most cases, you might not know what to do to navigate the situation and avoid getting into too much trouble. That’s why if you want to achieve a favorable outcome about your accident situation, hiring an attorney can be an excellent idea.

Unless you’re an expert in handling semi-truck accident cases, you need to have a legal professional by your side. They have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you in various ways. These can include:

Providing you with valuable legal advice as to your subsequent courses of action after the collision;
Negotiating with the insurance company to make sure the company won’t manipulate you to receive a low settlement for your injury;
Preparing all the necessary paperwork for your injury claim as well as following the statute of limitations to avoid missing out on the opportunity of getting compensated for your losses;
Determining your claim’s worth by taking into account both the economic and non-economic losses you’ve sustained such as medical expenses, lost salaries and earning capacity, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium;
Helping create a strategy to prove the liability of the truck driver if you believe they’re at fault for what happened;
Offering solid legal representation in court should the injury case proceed to trial.


If you’re suffering from an injury caused by a serious semi-truck accident, you certainly have a lot of things going on your mind. However, by keeping the things mentioned above in mind, you’ll know how to deal with the situation more confidently. When you’re prepared to handle a truck collision, you can recover financially and physically by receiving the monetary compensation your injury deserves. In such a case, you can get your normal life back in time.

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