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The Most Common Truck Accident Causes

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Because in a truck accident there are so many parties that could be at fault, you should not be surprised to realize that many factors can end up causing crashes. We should all be aware of the most common truck accident causes since this helps us do two things:

  • Prepare for the unwanted situation in which you need to file an injury claim.
  • Do all you can to avoid truck accidents.

With this in mind, according to an experienced Munley Law truck accident attorney, here are the most common truck accident causes.

Truck Driver Errors

The truck driver’s negligence can influence crashes in several ways, just as with regular vehicle accidents. The problem is that the truck is much heavier and larger. Since we are talking about a massive difference, any truck driver error can become a cause for a serious accident. This includes things like:

  • Fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Being too close to other vehicles on the road
  • Breaking traffic laws
  • Not adjusting for weather, lighting, and traffic conditions
  • Distractions
  • Low truck driver experience
  • Aggressive driving
  • Reckless driving

Truck accidents can also involve some circumstances that are completely unique to the industry. For instance, the FMCSA dictates hours of service for truck drivers. When they are broken, they could lead to driver fatigue.

Substance Abuse

When the truck driver abuses drugs or alcohol, they put the lives of everyone in danger. Unfortunately, illegal substance abuse is way too common. This is true even with the strict regulations in place. Actually, truck drivers are often caught abusing substances like marijuana, prescription stimulants, amphetamines, cocaine, and alcohol.

Trucking Accidents: Statistics & What You Need to Know | Dinizulu Law  Group, Ltd

Because of the fact that the driver needs to deal with very tight deadlines, they might choose to use some very dangerous substances. This includes prescription drugs.

The trucking company needs to have rules in place and test drivers on a constant basis. When this does not happen, both the driver and the trucking company are responsible for the accident.

Defective Components

The truck is large and made out of thousands of components. These have to work together in a seamless way for safe operation to be a reality. When there is a defect present, maybe due to inadequate maintenance or manufacturing errors, accidents can happen. The really dangerous truck components that should be analyzed are:

  • Tires – Tire blowouts sometimes happen because of over-inflation or under-inflation. And they can easily cause truck drivers to lose vehicle control.
  • Brakes – Because of the weight of the truck, it is very difficult to stop in time. When brakes fail, truck drivers cannot avoid crashes.
  • Axles – A truck’s axles are built to handle massive loads. If these fail, it is very easy to end up with devastating accidents.
  • Trailer hitch assembly – There are several hoses, pins, hitches, and extra electrical connections that make up the assembly. If any part fails, it becomes a huge hazard.
  • Seatbelts – Seatbelts can so easily be incredibly dangerous when they do not work properly.

We should also add that the trucks created for specific jobs or for hauling specific cargo can be affected by unique defects.

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