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Top Sounding Albums Where Songs are Connected

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However long there have been records, there have been idea collections. As exactly on schedule as Frank Sinatra’s In the Wee Small Hours, with its tunes about lost love, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ themed assortments (Going Places, Whipped Cream, and Other Delights), and Ella Fitzgerald’s Songbook assortments, each committed to a specific artist or songwriting bunch, music dears have reliably been drawn to an assortment with a uniting thought.

What precisely is an idea collection? In its most clear definition, it is a collection with some binding together subject. It very well may be a story advised from the main melody to the last. It very well may be multitrack songs with a typical thought in the verses. It could even be a bunch of tunes with comparable instrumentation or melodic style.

Here are the top sounding albums that you may have missed:

  1. The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

At the point when pretty much every British musical gang was delivering idea collections, Pink Floyd figured out how to stand apart from the load with their remarkable 1973 collection The Dark Side Of The Moon. Each track on the collection depends on one of the many burdens of human existence, including time, cash, war, passing, and madness. The collection is notable for its magnificent instrumentation and progressive utilization of synthesizers to make an airy feel.

The Dark Side Of The Moon is the solitary idea-collection in history to sell in excess of 40 million duplicates around the world, and it really merits that honor. It is still as famous today as it at any point was, and is routinely appraised among the best and most persuasive collections ever.

  1. Tommy – The Who

Delivered precisely one year after Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, Tommy is all that the Small Faces’ collection isn’t, as well as the other way around. It had a mass allure, it didn’t veer off into a huge number of various kinds, it had a message, and the music was much more experienced.

Tommy acquainted the stone drama with the majority, shot The Who to superstardom, and surprisingly however the story probably won’t be extremely straightforward just by paying attention to the collection, it is evidently there. It made the Top Ten of GQ’s “Collections That Changed Music,” and surprisingly however The Pretty Things and Small Faces might have been somewhat quicker with delivering their individual stone shows, the honor of having the option to guarantee the innovation of the idea of the stone drama actually tumbles to The Who and their 1966 ‘smaller than expected drama,’ A Quick One, While He’s Away. Also, Tommy, delivered in 1969, was definitely more fruitful and compelling than its archetypes.

  1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio collection by the British musical gang The Beatles. Recorded over a 129-day time frame starting on 6 December 1966, the collection was delivered on 1 June 1967 in the United Kingdom, and the next day in the United States.

Sgt. Pepper is frequently portrayed as The Beatles’ masterpiece and perceived as perhaps the most compelling collection ever by unmistakable pundits and publications. It was positioned as the best collection ever by Rolling Stone in 2003.

  1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars – David Bowie

We compose five years before the apocalypse. Regular assets are running out and individuals’ brains are losing hold of the real world. David Bowie portrays the account of a youthful outsider that visits the earth with a message of harmony and love. Ziggy is a skilled guitar player and his band rises and falls during the length of the collection.

Beating the UK diagrams upon discharge in 1972, this collection got many great studies and has developed to one of the collections that characterizes Bowie, and idea-collections overall.

  1. Thick as a Brick – Jethro Tull

Thick As A Brick characterizes “idea-collection”. Truth be told, it exceeds everyone’s expectations by having just a single tune. Tull frontman Ian Anderson composed Thick As A Brick in light of pundits calling Aqualung (their past discharge) an “idea-collection.” Anderson couldn’t help contradicting this name, saying, “Assuming the pundits need an idea-collection we’ll give them an idea-collection, and we’ll fix things such that grandiloquent thus preposterous.”

The idea even reaches out past the music and verses: TAAB’s reason is that its verses were written by an (anecdotal) 8-year-old, Gerald “Little Milton” Bostock, as an epic sonnet went into a kids’ composing and song production challenges. The account of his entrance, win, and resulting exclusion are point by point in the liner notes, which comprise the paper of a humble community (likewise anecdotal).

  1. The Wall – Pink Floyd

The tunes from The Wall recount a story that identifies with the occasions of Pink, the main person. During Pink’s childhood, he loses his father in the conflict. His mom is exceptionally over-defensive, and he is taken advantage of in-school by directing instructors. Every one of these significant weights is represented by being “one more block in the divider.” When Pink grows up, he sees new light in being a stone and roll symbol. He engages in faithless connections and is overburdened with medications and savagery. After the finish of his marriage, Pink gathers the divider and separates himself from society.


These are some notable albums where the songs are connected. They have a theme and tell a story throughout the length of the collection. Now that you have gathered the inspirations, it is time to jot down your ideas and hire an online music producer to collaborate with you in creating your next conceptual album.


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