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Uber Accident Claims: 6 Things To Know

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For many years, people have been using taxicab services to move from one point to another. Although taxicab service werehelping people maneuver busy cities, there was a need to introduce a more convenient service. Technological advancement contributed to the development of ridesharing companies such as Uber.

Uber is known to provide convenient, fast, secure, and safe services. Despite these quality services, you might find yourself in an Uber accident. If you’re in such a situation, it’s important to have legal advice when filing an accident claim.  

This article discusses what you need to know about Uber accident claims. You’ll learn who is liable for Uber accidents, the importance of wearing a seatbelt, and much more. Read on.  

1. Who Is Liable For Accidents?

If an Uber driver is responsible for an accident, they‘re at fault. Thus, the driver will be liable for the medical compensation to individuals injured in an accident. These individuals may include Uber riders, drivers, passengers of other cars, and pedestrians.    

In case the damages caused exceed the driver’s insurance policy, Uber may compensate. But the company may argue that it’s only liable if the driver was logged in to the company’s digital network during the accident. For this reason, it’s important to have legal advice to ensure you’re not intimidated by the company. You may follow this link to learn more about filing Uber accident claims.  

2. Were You Wearing A Belt During The Accident?

This is another thing to know when filing an accident claim. It’s important to ensure that your Uber vehicle has working seatbelts. If the car has no working seatbelts, it’s your right to decline the ride.  

If an accident occurred when you weren’t wearing any seat belt, you might be at fault for contributory negligence. For this reason, it’s crucial to wear a seatbelt not only for accident claims but also to protect yourself in a crash.  

3. Did You Get Information About Everyone In TheAccident?

If you’re able, ensure you get information about everyone in theaccident. Record the information about the driver, including the full name, license, insurance policy, and the model of the car. If there are any witnesses around, it’s also important you get their contact information, too. Next, capture as many pictures of the accident scene, vehicles involved, or anything else relevant to the accident.  

Recording necessary information will make it easy for you to follow up on the accident claims. If you’re unable to record any information, it’s advisable to follow up with the involved police to get a copy of the accident report.  

4. Did You Get Medical Attention?  

Your health should be your priority in case of an accident. Even if there is no physical injury, it’s important you visit your physician for a check-up. Use the medical report to file an accident claim.  

If you wait before getting any medical attention, you may risk not getting any compensation. The company may argue that the injuries weren’t caused while you were using their services.  

5. Did You Report The Accident?

If you’re involved in an accident while using Uber services, it’s important to report the accident immediately. Inform both the police and the company itself. If it’s possible, stay in the accident scene to complete an official police report.  

Once you’re done, get medical attention immediately, then file an accident claim. Ensure to give only the required information as the company may use your words against you, affecting your claims.  

6. How Long Do Uber Accidents Claims Take?  

It might be hard to give a precise estimate of how long Uber will take to compensate for the damages caused. Some of the factors that might affect the timeline include:  

  • The number of parties involved: It’s important to understand that involving more parties can lengthen your case. Thus, it can take longer before the company can pay for the pain and suffering caused.  
  • The severity of your injuries: This will determine how long it will take Uber to pay. For instance, to compensate fataldamages, the company may take longer because theyre more expensive, and you may require future care. Also, proving the severity of injuries and estimating the value can lengthen your case.  
  • The cooperation of involved parties: This is another factor that can affect the length of your claim. Your level of cooperativeness will directly impact how fast Uber responds to your claims.  


Ridesharing services such as Uber have made it easier for people to move from one place to another. While it’s a convenient service, you might find yourself in an accident. The following are things you ought to know when filing an accident claim.

They include knowing who is liable, the importance of seatbelts, collecting relevant information, seeking medical care, and the timeline for compensation.  

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