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What is the most expensive skateboard brand?

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Skateboards bear a lot when regularly used. Just check your board’s status after some flips and grinds. You will find several scrapes, marks and dents. But, will you do the same with the most expensive skateboard?

One of the most expensive skateboards in the world is the Golden Skateboard because the board and other parts are covered with pure gold. The board is used for display, but its producers confirm that it is completely rideable as long as you are ready to see the marks, dents and scrapes on it. Chinasaleonline has a list of most expensive skateboard brands. Take a look at some:

  • The Sumpreme Mundi

The Supreme Mundi board is a wooden craftsman palette with wheels showcasing a knock-off Supreme logo below. The board was skated to show that it is a fully functional skateboard. It was auctioned and sold for $20,000.

  • Element Seal Complete Skateboard

Element is not just the most expensive skateboard brand in the world, but is also known for its durability, high versatility and brilliant craftsmanship. The board costs around $94 and in different colors. The board is completely assembled so you just have to tighten the parts and you are good to go.

  • Powel Peralta Complete Skateboard

Another legendary brand in the field of skateboards is Powell Peralta. They are not just costly but also high-performing boards. The full body is available for $98 and the board has vivid graphics, impeccable durability and remarkable components.

  • Minority Maple Skateboard

Minority offers a big range of skateboards in different price options. You can get affordable and costly skateboards as per your budget and requirement. These boards are made of 100% maple for better longevity.

  • WeSkate Girls Boys Skateboards

WeSkate provides skateboards for boys and girls. They are available at $60 and are famous for their appealing designs, long-lasting parts and variable lengths. The boards are made from Canadian maple with magnesium alloy trucks.

  • Enjoi Complete Skateboards

Another brand that offers expensive to moderate skateboards is Enjoi. The Whitey Panda Complete board is a great piece. The board is recommended for young riders and is majorly used in street riding.

  • Zero Skateboards

They may not be as expensive as the above-mentioned brand, but they feature amazing designs, styles and sizes.

  • Plan B Skateboard

Plan B Skateboards is completely available in 7 layers of maple so are purchasing a very durable board here. It has appealing board designs and is available in several sizes and styles.

  • Blind Complete Skateboard

The company produces skateboards for small kids as it is simple to use and easy to turn. It is made of 7 layer birch molded with adhesive for long life. They are available in a price range of $70 to $115. You can choose from the wide range of designs and styles available.

  • Birdhouse Tony Hawk Skateboard

It is a Tony Hawk Falcon 3 complete skateboard crafted from maple and aluminum. The deck is made of American Maple featuring lightweight trucks and aluminum kingpins. For better performance, the wheels have amphetamine brand bearings.

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