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Which are the Most Common Assaults Charged in Mankato?

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Mankato is a well-known city in Minnesota that attracts many people due to its low cost of living and high employment rates. Surprisingly, in a city that is home to 25,000 residents, there are about 5,000 annual assaults filed in the police station alone. This data may represent only a small fraction of the total assaults as many victims don’t report them to the police. Over the last five years, Mankato has been a prime spot for crimes involving assault. If you or someone you know has been assaulted or is still undergoing some kind of assault, you better go to a Mankato criminal attorney to understand how you can protect your rights and escape from the situation. 

In response to the increase in assaults in Mankato, local prosecutors have begun to work with attorneys to create effective strategies for combatting these types of crimes. The attorneys work with law enforcement and the judicial system in order to decrease recidivism rates while also lessening the number of victims in Mankato. 

According to the criminal lawyers in Mankato, the common areas or situations that lead to assaults are as follows.

  • Alcohol-related assaults

Across the country, alcohol-related assaults are on the rise. Cities like Mankato are not exempt from this trend. The number of assaults in Mankato has risen by an alarming 20% over the last year. In addition, crimes related to alcohol have risen sharply as well. In Minneapolis alone, the number of arrests for drug offenses has tripled in the last three years. 

  • Domestic assaults

Domestic violence is typically an issue that is dealt with by family or friends. However, this type of violence may be less recognized when it occurs in the home between spouses or intimate partners. This is primarily due to the fact that physical abuse often escalates into sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and emotional abuse over time if left untreated. In Mankato, a domestic assault occurs every 22 minutes. The majority of these assaults are between two people who have been dating or married for a few years. 

  • Assaults in college

Many college-aged students in Mankato experience sexual assault. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports up to 30% of women and 20% of men have been assaulted while at a college or university. Assaults in college can come from casual acquaintances, friends, intimate partners, or even strangers. Sexual assault is a crime and should be handled with the utmost seriousness.

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