Join us as we walk through the Bible in an updated fashion to watch what happens to others “When Jesus Shows Up.” An adulterer about to be stoned? One of the highest religious leaders starts to question his life’s foundation?A man who everyone despised seeks after this healing man? A man plagued with demons just wants peace, even if that is death? Find personal devotions throughout the stories to bring out more on who you are and who you want to be. Also, take a step behind the veil of the supernatural as we see how and why somethings happen. It may not always be what you think. Who Are You? Let’s find out, but first Jesus.

Author Bio-
Who am i? Just a girl that changed her life “When Jesus Showed Up.” Theresa wears many hats. She is a Christian wife, mother of 5, author, primary school teacher, sister, daughter, friend. Her first book, Ashes to Glory, spurned her on to continue writing and learning. She also has an active blog at “” called “Dancing in the Rain.” She also has an active Facebook presence called “Dancing in the Rain.”