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Who Is the Famous Journey River Green

Journey River Green was born in Los Angeles to Megan Fox and American actor Brian Austin Green. It is their third child

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Information about Journey River Green

Journey River Green, the son of Megan Fox (world-renowned actress) and Brian Green (famous rapper), is the third child and last born.

Journey River Green, the six-year-old son of American actor Megan Fox and rapper Brian Austin Green, was born in Los Angeles. Megan Fox and Brian Green welcomed their last child, Journey River Green, at 11 pm on the evening of 4, August 2016.

Siblings to Journey River Green

Bodhi and Noah are the real brothers of Megan Fox, the mother of The Journey. He also has a half-brother named Kassius.

  • Noah Shannon Green, his oldest brother, was born in September 2012 on the 27 th.
  • Bodhi Green, his second older brother, was born on February 12th.
  • Kassius Lijah, his half-brother who was born on 15th March 2002, works as an actor.

Parents of Journey River Green: A Brief Overview

Megan Fox is the mother of Journey River Green. Brian Green is her father. Brian Austin Green, an American actor, producer, and rapper, is well-known.

He is best known for playing David Silver in the popular Beverly Hills 90210 series. Brian Green was introduced to the world of acting by his father, who himself was a professional musician.

He played his first role on the CBS prime-time soap opera “Knots Landing”. After that, he appeared in several films and web series. Soon, he began to get regular roles in films and series such as Anger Management and Freddie.

Megan Denise Fox, an American actress, is known for her sci-fi and action films such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.

How did Megan and Brian meet?

Megan and Brian first met on the set of Hope & Faith. Austin Green, who was 30 at the time, met Megan when she was only 18 years old. The age difference between Megan and Green was a source of concern for others, but Megan was confident. They got officially engaged in November 2006. After several years of dating, they secretly married on June 24, 2010. After having three children, they got divorced.

Journey River Green in Controversy

Journey River Greenis stuck in a battle over his guardianship with his parents Megan and Brian. Megan accuses her ex-husband of making her feel like a bad mom in front of the media. Green uploaded a picture of his youngest daughter, Journey, enjoying Halloween.

She replied to the post by telling him not to make it look like she doesn’t care for her children. Green quickly removed the picture from his Instagram account.

He and his siblings are always protected by their parents from the prying eyes of the media. Brian Marcel’s ex-wife Vanessa Marcel is raising Journey: Bodhi Noah and Kassius.

Journey River Green’s parents had to move homes after his birth

In Los Angeles, on the evening of the 4th of August 2016, the journey was born. His mama did not reveal this good news until April 2016, after she was seen at the Las Vegas CinemaCon with her growing tummy. The public was unsure whether Green had fathered the child since both Green and his wife had filed for divorce before that date.

After she became pregnant, the news of their reunion began to spread. Morgan Fox revealed that her pregnancy forced her to move. Fox said.

I feel we can hear messages from our children if we’re open to them. This baby, for example, hankered to stay anywhere else, so now we are moving into a new home in Los Angeles because it feels like that is where my baby wants to be raised.

Journey’s First Media Appearance

His parents were concerned for him and his siblings because of the unsolicited press. Megan revealed Journey to her fans many months after his birth. Journey also made an unexpected appearance during his mother’s “Today Show” interview. He quietly appeared behind his mother while she was on the show.

Does Megan Fox care for her kids?

Megan and Brian decided to separate their visitation schedules after they divorced. Megan stopped posting pictures of her kids on social media after their divorce, but rumors are circulating that Brian was often seen sharing photos of his children.

Brian shared a photo of his son Journey in the background of a Halloween 2020 snap. People began to think that Megan Fox wasn’t as close as she claimed. She had never posted a photo of herself with her child.

Megan posted a judgmental post on her Instagram account after receiving trolls. She blamed her ex-husband, claiming that he lied about her not being a good mother. She then posted the same photo with an overly critical caption. Brian, who was criticized by Megan for posting the photo, removed it from his page.

Journey River Green’s Net worth

It is not known how much Journey River Green’s net worth is. When he becomes mature, starts a business, and earns money, then his net worth can be determined. His father Brian’s net worth is around $8 million while Megan, his mother’s net worth is almost $10 million.

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