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Wholesale Blouse

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The blouse is one of the indispensable parts of a combination. We sell blouses that are frequently used by women and are special pieces. The blouse is a type of clothing that is the common choice of every woman, from small to large. As the Vannes brand, we bring together colorful and patterned blouse models with our customers. Our brand has blouse options with nearly 30 color scales. Also, we have blouses not only in one color but also in different patterns. We serve our customers not only with blouses but also with our shirt options. Our blouses are completely exclusive to our brand in terms of pattern and cut. It provides comfort to customers thanks to different fabric types and patterns. You will not have to find a suitable wholesale blouse type for you. Our blouses serve with rounded, V-neck, cycling neck, and stand-up collar models.

We have models with or without cuffs. We also offer services with or without pocket models. Short or longer wholesale blouse models can also be preferred. As for the sleeve type, we have bat sleeve, plain sleeve, zero sleeve, and tank top models. Optionally, we offer long or short sleeve models to our customers. Our blouses are available in sizes 36-42 small. The blouses are sold as a set of 4. We give our customers the opportunity of easy return and exchange with our original product guaranteed dresses. You can shop safely and quickly on our online site. Our brand, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, gives you a happiness and satisfaction guarantee. Click For Wholesale Blouse

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