Why You Should Not Play Dirty When You Decide to Divorce

Divorce is difficult, particularly when your spouse is playing dirty. If your spouse hired a shady lawyer who will attack and embarrass you, you may fight back with the same tactic. However, you should note that this type of divorce will make the process way too expensive. Also, a dirty divorce can hurt your children and make life tougher for all parties involved. Your best option is to work with a credible Columbus divorce law firm that will fight for you using clean tactics. Let’s take a look at the disadvantage of fighting dirty tactics with fire:

It is Financially Draining

The divorce process is already taxing and going through it with bad tactics can totally drain you financially, emotionally, and mentally. Aggressive lawyers provide a lot of ways to make life hard for the opposing party. But, this comes with a price tag. The majority of these lawyers are only motivated by a personal agenda or money. They will bill their efforts by the hour and leave you with a big invoice. And if you also work with a shady attorney, things can get even worse. Both attorneys may collaborate to take all your money. They will take advantage of your supercharged emotions to maximize their financial benefit. Even if you have money to sustain the impact of working with this type of attorney, keep in mind that this kind of game will also require a significant amount of energy and time. 

A vengeful lawyer can suggest canceling credit cards, getting your spouse terminated from work, clearing bank accounts, or lying. But, remember that you are the main actor in this play, which means you will pull most of the stunts on your own. Plus, you will need to live with what you have done. 

It Can Hurt Innocent Parties

As you try to destroy your soon-to-be-ex, your shady attorney will present plans that may impact other parties involved including your children and colleagues. Hurting or embarrassing your spouse will damage your kids. Also, jeopardizing the job or business of your spouse has consequences. You could hurt those people who depend on them, including your children. 

It Does Not Address What’s Truly Important

A dirty divorce is about revenge and attacks. It does not address the real problem and your true needs. When your divorce is chaotic because each party has to meddle with money or shame the other, this means that deeper problems must be addressed. An experienced attorney who doesn’t play dirty tricks is the right expert to help you resolve your divorce issues.